This page describes how, why and when your data is requested and/or used within our application.

  1. Requesting your data
    We request your data for the purpose of identification, we require that users provide a valid google account in order to be able to play. Upon starting our application users will see the google login button witch once clicked will prompt users for login with a valid google account.
  2. What data is collected
    Once a user authenticates in our app with his/hers google account we will store this user’s email address, username and profile picture if available.
  3. Why de we collect this data?
    We require our users to provide this information for identification purposes, tickets generated in our app are bound to the user email address, furthermore once a prize is draw we will contact users via provided email only. This was designed this way to avoid fraudulent prize requests.
  4. When will we use your data?
    and when a user ticket is draw by our system we will send a e-mail to the winner’s provided email addressing him by his username to request and/or provide the user with means to proceed with prize payment.
  5. Changing or editing personal data
    Users are not able to edit their information, once generated, tickets are bound to the current logged user email address and cannot be transferred to another email address by any means. Since all data is provided via google login, users are able to change their personal username thorough his personal google account.
  6. Updates to our privacy policy
    If an update to this policy is required and/or published users will be notified via push notification.
  7. Further information and disputes
    If you have any doubts or require a dispute please contact us via email in: [email protected]
  8. User agreement
    By downloading and using our app you declare that you accept and agree to our privacy policy.